Friday, February 19, 2016

Theodore Theater's Oscar Pick's!

It has arrived! It’s the time of year when we award the year’s best works in film. The 88th Academy Awards will be held on the 28th of February, at the Dolby Theater, in Hollywood, California with Chris Rock hosting this year’s award show. Before we have the pleasure to watch Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars be recognized for their work, let us pick which stars we believe will be taking home the coveted gold statue.

Side Note: With the recent news of an Oscars’ boycott due to lack of diversity for this year’s nominations I feel an impulse to voice my opinion on the matter. There surely is a problem with diversity in Hollywood. There is not a problem with diversity at the Academy Awards. I do believe that this year’s nominations are not only valid, but also justified as the year’s best performances. The problem is not with a lack of diversity at this year’s awards, but a lack of diversity in Hollywood films in general. The Academy can only chose from the films put in front of them; it is up to Hollywood to diversify casting and give roles to the best actors available, regardless of race or color.

Best Picture:

1.     The Big Short
2.     Spotlight
3.     The Revenant
4.     Mad Max: Fury Road
5.     Room
6.     The Martian
7.     Bridge Of Spies
8.     Brooklyn

Winner: Spotlight.

            Spotlight is the story of the Boston Globe journalists who researched, wrote, and reported the news of child abuse by Catholic priests in the city of Boston. The film will leave you with a story you are not soon to forget. It is a film that will tug at your emotions and test your opinions. If you haven’t already, go watch this film!

Best Director:


1.     Alejandro G. Inarritu
2.     Adam Mckay
3.     Tom McCarthy
4.     George Miller
5.     Lenny Abrahamson

Winner: Alejandro G. Inarritu

            Yes, I believe it will happen. Alejandro G. Inarritu will look to become only the third director to ever win back-to-back Academy Awards for best director (Tom Ford & Joseph L. Mankiewicz). Inarritu’s The Revenant is visually stunning. Its depictions of the natural world are truly something special. The acting turned in by DiCaprio and Hardy is worthy of a mention. With many scenes throughout the film featuring close ups of the characters, Inarritu brings home a genuine view into a period of time in America that has long been forgotten.

Actor In A Leading Role:


1.     Leonardo DiCaprio
2.     Matt Damon
3.     Bryan Cranston
4.     Michael Fassbender
5.     Eddie Rydmayne

Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio

            Is it the year? Will it finally happen for him? We think so. Leonardo DiCaprio will win his first Academy Award. Though he doesn’t actually have many lines in his role as an outdoorsman in The Revenant. DiCaprio’s facial expressions and body language are enough to hold the audience through the film.

Actress In A Leading Role:


1.     Cate Blanchett
2.     Brie Larson
3.     Jennifer Lawrence
4.     Charlotte Rampling
5.     Saoirse Ronan

Winner: Brie Larson

If you haven’t seen Room, staring Brie Larson please do so immediately. I believe Larson to be the runaway favorite. The haunting story of a young girl who is kidnapped and held against her will as she tries to raise her capture;s son. Larson’s co-star Jacob Trembley was outstanding as well.

Actor In A Supporting Role:


1.     Christian Bale
2.     Tom Hardy
3.     Mark Ruffalo
4.     Mark Rylance
5.     Sylvester Stallone

Winner: Christian Bale

            This will be one of the toughest decisions to be made on award night. Stallone recaptured what made the original Rocky films great in his performance, while Bale and Hardy excelled along side great counter-parts. Ruffalo puts forth his best performance yet in one of the year’s best films. Rylance is also very deserving of a nomination, teaming with Tom Hanks in, Bridge Of Spies.

Actress In A Supporting Role:


1.     Jennifer Jason Leigh
2.     Rooney Mara
3.     Rachel McAdams
4.     Alice Vikander
5.     Kate Winslet

I believe this to be another clear cut winner in Kate Winslet. She plays assistant to the great Steve Jobs, which stars Michael Fassbender. The film revolves around three different periods of time, each on the day of a new Steve Jobs product release. Her character is not one that is seen often throughout the film, but her appearances and interactions with Fassbender are sterling.

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  1. I would just like to see George Miller win Best Director. I am a HUGE Mad Max fan, and I think it would be awesome :)