Thursday, February 7, 2013

A review of "Killer Bud"

Confessions of a Film Junkie: A review of “Killer Bud”
By: Brian Cotnoir

     It’s February here on “Confessions of a Film Junkie” and you know what that means?  It’s “Corin Nemec Appreciation Month”!  Throughout the entire month of February I will be reviewing one film a week starring actor Corin Nemec.  Why did I choose an actor as obscure as Corin Nemec, you may ask?  Because it’s my D@mn blog and I say so, that’s why J .                       
The first film I’m reviewing this month is called “Killer Bud”.  The film revolves around Corin Nemec and David Faustino’s characters, Waylon & Buzz, as they to impress to girls enough to want to sleep with them.  Both Waylon & Buzz are twenty-something stoners who can’t keep a steady job and have no real signs of any ambitions for their futures.  Waylon claims that their ticket to easy street will come once they move to Amsterdam and become pot-growers.  Only problem is that they have no money (and neither of them have any idea where Amsterdam actually is).  One night at party Waylon & Buzz meet two beautiful ladies, and make a number of promises to the girls that they certainly cannot keep.  The boys end up getting trapped in a convenient store while going on an errand for the two ladies and are now willing to do just about anything to get back to the girls and prove their responsibility.  The film focuses on the wacky hi-jinks that Waylon & Buzz get into on their quest to escape from the mini-mart (and to get laid).              
Faustino & Nemec
     Where do I begin with this film?  First of all, there’s really nothing outstanding and ingenious about it.  It is your typical low-budget stoner comedy that was mass produced that out the late 1990’s-Early 2000’s.  It’s kind of like a cheaper version of “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”.  I will say that I find it hilarious to see Parker Lewis (Nemec) and Bud Bundy (Faustino) are in the same film together.  It’s just so funny to see two of the early 90’s biggest TV troublemakers in the same film playing each other’s sidekick.  This wasn’t the first time that Nemec & Faustino had worked with each other and the chemistry the two have as actors is very apparent throughout the film and it works out greatly in their favor.  Still this is a pretty generic film.  It’s the kind of film that you would probably stumble upon on Comedy Central at ten in the morning on a Sunday. There are dozens like it, so the perception of this film is to lie in the eye of the beholder. 
     I hope you’re all looking forward to the other reviews I have for Corin Nemec Appreciation Month, and don’t worry, not all of his films are terrible...just most of them!


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