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ANOTHER 5 Scariest Moments in Children's Films that you probably never realized were too scary for kids

ANOTHER 5 Scary Moments in Children’s films that you probably never realized were too scary for kids

By: Brian Cotnoir

     I can’t believe I’m back doing another one of these lists, but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. After all it’s because of you—my loyal readers—that my “Scariest Moment’s in Children’s films...” posts are among my most popular and most viewed.  So here I am once again to warn you all of scary moments in children’s films that should probably avoid letting your kids watch, until they reach a certain age.  Also be sure to click on the links at the bottom of the list to see the previous scary moments from children’s films that have made the lists.  Without further adieu here is the third installation of the “5 Scariest Moments in children’s films that you probably never realized were too scary for kids”.

#5.) Angry Aggie from “ParaNorman”

Angry Aggie from "ParaNorman"
SPOILERS!:  Agatha “Aggie” Penderghast was accused of being a witch in the town of Blythe Hollow back in the colonial days and was sentenced to death for her crimes.  However, she was not an old, evil looking woman, but rather a scared little girl who was caught up in the paranoid fear of religious zealots.  Years later Aggie’s vengeful spirit is awoken.  Aggie is angry and is now bent on destroying the town of Blythe Hollow on Halloween night.  Not to mention, that her angry spirit causes her to turn into pure lightning!  That’s pretty scary, to think that the ghost of a little girl could hold so much hate an animosity towards a town to the point where all she wants to do is destroy it. However, Angry Aggie is stopped after a chance encounter with the films hero Norman, and Aggie even gets a much over do apology from the Puritan Zombies who sentenced her to death centuries ago, so at least there’s a happy ending.

#4.) Psycho Sid from “Toy Story”

Sid Learns to "Play Nice"
If torturing small animals is the sign of a sociopath, then blowing up toys must be the sign of a...future garbage man (?).  Disney & Pixar Studios ushered in a new era of film animation with their 1995 creation of “Toy Story”.  One of those memorable characters from this film is Sid, a psychotic pre-teen boy whose favorite hobby is blowing up and torturing toys.  Sid also performs surgery on some toys creating an army of unholy toy creations.  I know a lot of people found Sid’s toy creations to be very terrifying as a child, but I honestly believe the scene where Woody and the other toys reveal they’re alive to Sid and scare him straight is even more scary.  Oh well, it was nice to see that by the third film, Sid had finally learned how to “play nice”...even though he is just a garbage man, but hey it’s a small victory at least...right?

#3.) Dead kids from “Coraline”

You know...for kids!
From the same director who brought us stop-motion master pieces such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the cinematic adaptation of “James and the Giant Peach”, comes “Coraline”.  Adapted from the story by Neil Gaman, “Coraline” is explores a dark and macabre world of enchantment and wonder.  However, this isn’t very kid friendly or enchanting as the “Nightmare Before Christmas”, when you have to consider that there are references to eye gouging, murdering children, and not to mention that scary spider looking creature that the “other Mother” turns into.  “Coraline” is wonderfully entertaining film, but unless your kid is creepy like me when I was that age, I think it’s best if you don’t let them see this until they are a teenager.

#2.) Judge Doom from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

     I’m not even going to say why this is too scary for kids, instead I’m just going to leave you with these video clips below and you will see what I mean.

For Kids?????

#1.) The Witches from “The Witches”

WTF IS THAT??!?!?!?! @_@
Oh Jim Henson.  You keep finding your way on these lists whenever I do a Top 5 of Scariest Moments in Kids Films...Well “The Witches” is based off of a Roald Dahl story (and he writes lots of creepy stories for kids), about a boy who accidentally discovers a convention of witches and he has to stop them after being turned into a mouse.  It’s only fitting that the Jim Henson workshop would create the scariest sh!t your pants mask for the Grand High Witch (played by Anjelica Houston).  She doesn’t look like an actual witch; she looks more like the cross between Zombie Vera from “Dead Alive” and a mutated Skesis from “Dark Crystal”.  I feel like I should be suing the Jim Henson Company for creating so many costumes, puppets, and images that he caused me severe trauma and childhood, and yet I have admire the craftsmanship of their work.

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  1. Watched the Witches last Halloween and it still freaks me out after all these years. But I do love the way that all the Witches have German accents...bit of British political humor I assume