Saturday, March 16, 2013


Confessions of a Film Junkie: The Repo/Devils Carnival Double Feature

By: Brian Cotnoir & Lindsay Holcomb

So on Friday March 15, 2013 the Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro, MA hosted a Special Double Feature showing of "Repo: The Genetic Opera" and "The Devils Carnival".  At this event was the director of both films, Darren Lynn Bousman (who also directed Saw II, III, and IV, and the Mother's Day Re-make) and Terrance Zdunich who co-wrote and performed in both films (Grave Robber in Repo & Lucifer in "The Devils Carnival".  For those who do not know Repo The Genetic Opera started out as an idea Terrance had and it grew to a 10 minute opera performed by him and friends in clubs and small theaters. Darren saw the play and wanted to direct a stage version of it and from there it blossomed into a movie production that many fans were behind. The studios were not. Terrance and Darren fought to release REPO and only got a limited release in very few theaters. The fans came out in droves, sold out many showings and are still doing this as REPO is shown in theaters on special occasions like this: The tour of Devil's Carnival, the next film of Terrance and Darren's in the same vein as REPO: A Gothic movie musical with lots to offer in sing along's and shout outs most appreciated in a packed theater.

Please Enjoy our Commentary/Clips from the Show as well as some pictures of some awesome Hardcore Cos-Players.

All Ladies love the Pavi Largo

Shiloh pre- Genetic Opera Cos-Play

Zee as Shiloh during the "Seventeen" Number


  1. Thanks for featuring my Pavi costume ;)

    1. So Prob man. You definitely had one of the Best Pavi Costumes that I've seen

  2. Thanks for featuring my Shilo cosplay! Friday was so much fun!

    1. No problem. You really did have a Great Shilo cosplay \m/