Thursday, January 10, 2013

A review of "White" (The Melody of the Curse)

Confessions of a Film Junkie: A review of “White (The Melody of the Curse”
By: Brian Cotnoir

     Oh South Korea, you never fail to please me when it comes to films in the Horror Genre.  What is it about your Horror films that just blow American Horror films out of the water?  Is it the shear originality of many of your films?  Is it your ability to incorporate tales from your own culture into your films? I think it has something to do with company that distributes your films, CJ Entertainment.  So far I have not seen one bad film that has the CJ Entertainment name attached to it.  
Pink Dolls performing "White" On Stage
“White” or (“The Melody of the Curse”) tells the story of a Korean All-Girl Pop group called Pink Dolls.  Pink Dolls have fallen on tough times and are finding it more and more difficult to make it in the music business.  The bands leader is a girl named Eun-Ju, and is she is constantly being disrespected by the other Pink Dolls because she is older than them, and they all believe that all Eun-Ju is just a washed-up back dancer and is foolish for even thinking she can make it as a pop-star.  One day while exploring through their record companies new studio, Eun-Ju finds an old video that contains an unknown girl group performing a song called “White”.  The record company thinks that “White” is the perfect song for Pink Dolls to cover since there are no records of it ever charting on the Pop Charts, and nobody seems to recognize the band performing the song.  The band covers the song and they become a smash hit, but their success comes at a price.  All of a sudden a number of serious and deadly accidents begin to claim members of the Pink Dolls.  Eun-Ju begins to suspect that it might be the original song writer of “White” seeking revenge on the band for stealing her song and taking credit, or just maybe they’re just something deadly and supernatural about the songs melody that may have claimed the lives of other Pop Groups who tried to cover the song.   

“White” is honestly one of the best Horror films I have ever seen.  It has a good story, creative visuals, it’s mysterious, and has enough twists and turns in its plot to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing what’s going to happen next.  It’s like “The Ring” meets “Suicide Club” on steroids!  It’s just a great film.  Also I like how the only song on the films soundtrack is “White”.  I just think that adds to the creepiness and mysteriousness of the film.  Bravo, CJ Entertainment, you have once again made me very happy with one of 
your films.

Be careful that you don't fall victim to this songs spell

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