Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A review of "Deadgirl"

Confessions of a Film Junkie: A review of “Deadgirl”
By: Brian Cotnoir

     What are two key elements every horror movie need?  If you said torture & necrophilia, then you are seriously messed up in the head my friend.  Either that or you’re just a really big fan of the film I’m reviewing this week; “Deadgirl”.  I decided to check out this 2008 horror film after seeing that it’s starting to pick up quite a following for its disturbing content and graphic imagery.  So how well does the film hold up to those claims?  Pretty well, actually.  
     So “Deadgirl” is the story of two high school seniors and friends named Rickie and J.T.  Rickie & J.T. are tired of being losers-who-can’t-get-any-action and decide one day to ditch school and go exploring in an old abandoned mental hospital.  While exploring the abandoned and decrepit building they wander into a room where they find a naked mute woman chained to a hospital bed.  The boys have no idea how or what the woman was doing down there.  Instead of going to the police and make a report, J.T. decides that the woman would be better off as their personal sex slave.  J.T. appears to be the only person interested in raping the woman, while Rickie struggles with the conflict of what he thinks is the moral thing to do.  While practicing some brutal sexual acts on the women, J.T. discovers that the woman is incapable of dying and hence she is given the nickname “Deadgirl”.  This appears to be a secret that J.T. and Rickie will probably take to the grave, but with a secret that’s as horrible and shocking as theirs, word spreads quickly to others and now more and more boys at J.T. and Rickie’s school want to have a shot with the Deadgirl.
     So how does “Deadgirl” hold up as a film?  I can tell you this much; it’s probably the third Most Unpleasant film I’ve ever sat through.  The film is pretty graphic and does have some great scenes with lots of blood and gore.  As for the character’s, I really hate them all.  There is not one single character in this film that has any heroic and redeemable qualities.  The character J.T. is just a selfish and horrible human being with no redeeming factors.  J.T. is played by actor Noah Seagan, and every film I’ve seen Noah Seagan in he plays the incredible douche bag who everyone hates, so just by casting him in this film, I hate his character even more.  Even though Rickie (played by actor Shiloh Fernandez) doesn’t rape the Deadgirl, I think he’s just as horrible as J.T. because he just stands there idly while his best friend does one of the worst things a human being can do, and all he does is say it’s- probably-not-a-good-idea-to-be-doing-that.  Nothing is stopping him from turning J.T. into the police. He’s just too much of a coward with no sense of human decency.  I also feel bad for actress Jenny Spain, who plays the Deadgirl.  I wonder how difficult it is to find work as an actress when you’re first film role requires you to be completely naked and chained to a bed.  I don’t think most actresses can comeback from something like that.                
    “Deadgirl” isn’t a bad film.  I personally would give the film 3-out-of-5-Stars.  I just feel the plot could have been executed much better in the film.  So if you and a group of friends are looking for a violent and unpleasant Horror film to watch this Halloween you should check out the film “Deadgirl”.

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