Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Films that actually encourage necrophilia

Confessions of a Film Junkie: 5 Films that actually encourage necrophilia

By: Brian Cotnoir

It is a subject that is highly taboo in any society.  Necrophilia: the (disgusting) sexual attraction to a dead person.  It is a subject matter used to get all kind of responses from shock, to laughs, to disgust.  Yet, in the many, many, MANY evenings I’ve spent alone in my room watching movies on Netflix, I have surprisingly come across a number of films that not only talk about necrophilia, but that actually encourages necrophilia.  I found this realization to be quite horrifying, and since I’m psychologically scarred by it, I only thought it was fair that I’d share my pain with you, so here are 5 films I’ve seen that actually encourage necrophilia.

1.) The Black Cat (1934)

You would not think that a film made in the 1930’s would ever touch on a subject as vile and shocking as this, but Universal Pictures 1934 Horror film “The Black Cat” totally does.  This film that features two of the biggest Horror Icons of their time, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.  The plots primary focus is on Lugosi’s character seeking vengeance on Karloff’s character for a wronging him and stealing his family back during World War I.  A very controversial, but iconic scene occurs in the film when Lugosi’s character asks Karloff’s character has been keeping his former wives perfectly preserved in glass coffins in the dungeon of his castle, Karloff gives a subtle smirk to imply he keeps them to have sex with them.  For more details on the film check out Miss-E and mine’s joint review below.

2.) Deadgirl

Deadgirl” is easily one of the most unpleasant films I’ve ever seen.  It’s the story of two high school boys (played by Noah Segan and Shiloh Fernandez) who wander into an abandoned hospital one day where they are shocked to find a mysterious naked, mute woman chained to a hospital bed.  Instead of going to the police and reporting their finding, they decide that they’d rather keep her as a secret sex slave.  After a while, one of the boys discovers that no matter what he does to the girl she cannot die and begins to torture her while he rapes her.  This is a very difficult film to get through—touching on some serious moral and ethical issues—and it is not a film for everyone.  If you want more information please click on the link below to read my review full review of “Deadgirl”.

3.) Warm Bodies

Let’s talk about something more optimistic, shall we?  There’s nothing film audiences like to see more in film that the story of young people falling in love.  Well in the 2013 film “Warm Bodies” we get that same old story, only this time it’s in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse.  It sounds like a harmless enough story, but then when you take into consideration that one of those young lovers is a zombie, and that he actually killed and ate the brain of her former boyfriend...yeah, that actually sounds like a very unhealthy and problematic relationship.  However, this time it’s the zombie that preys on the human, rather than the human that preys on the deceased.

4.) Otto, or up with Dead People

Otto, or Up with Dead People” is a quirky, but fascinating German film.  It’s the story of a young man named Otto, who is recruited to take part in a faux documentary about the gay zombie revolution.  However, Otto claims/believes that he is actual zombie and that documentary he is taking place in is a real story.  Half of the fun of this film is deciding on whether or not you believe Otto is an actual zombie or whether he is just a severely mentally ill person.  My friend and Co-Blogger “Sirrat in the Hat” has written a number of different articles about this film and the characters in the film for our other blog, Asylum for Nerds.  You can click on the links below to get more information about this unique and enjoyable film.

5.) Corpse Bride

Of course Goth Icon Tim Burton would have to make an appearance on this list.  As if it wasn’t already awkward enough that he makes women fantasize about Jack Skellington, Beetle Juice, and Edward Scissorhands, but now he makes some boys yearn for the affection of a corpse.  Not only is he actually showing the merits of marrying a corpse, but he is actually sharing his ideas with children!  That’s a bit unsettling when you stop and really think about it: there is a film that was made for and marketed towards children that actually encourages the main character to commit necrophilia.

Well Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether your sweetie is living or dead, I hope you all have a great time.


  1. From classics, to indie, to kid flicks Hollywood is more kinky than we give it credit for