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Das Film Junkie's 5 Favorite Films: Guilty Pleasures

Das Film Junkie’s 5 Favorite Films: Guilty Pleasures

By: Brian Cotnoir

     Hello Friends, Das Film Junkie here with another edition of
Das Films Junkie’s 5 Favorite Films.  This week I’ll be counting down my Top 5 Guilty Pleasures, the films that practically everyone despises, but a few people actually enjoy and appreciate for their campiness, unintentional comedic moments, and just for all around being bad.  Well, here are my 5 Guilty Pleasures

5.) Don’t Look in the Cellar

Some of you may remember I did a review a while back called “5 Reasons why you must see Don’t Look in the Cellar”, in it I proceed to bash the film for being poorly written, having hammy acting, plot holes, galore, and a ton of other flaws, but instead of bashing the film for having all of these things, I praised it for being so enjoyably bad!  If you haven’t read my review of it already, definitely check it out, and after that you should also check out “Don’t Look in the Cellar”, it’s up there in the Best-Worst Movies ever, I’d rank it up there with films like “Troll 2” and “Plan 9 from Outer Space”.
5 Reasons Why You Must see "Dont Look in the Cellar"

4.)  Night of the Living Dorks

Night of the Living Dorks” is a hilarious German Dark-Comedy that came out in 2004.  It’s the story of 3 loser friends in high school who are transformed into zombies after a voodoo hex is accidentally placed on them.  The boys newfound zombie-ism is hard to adjust to and accept at first, but after a while they boys discover that being zombies have some major advantages.   Night of the Living Dorks” is kind of like a “American Pie” with zombies.  At times it feels like the films A German film studio wanted to make an American Teen Sex-Comedy; this film has every cliché character, the nerd, the socially-awkward protagonist, the sex obsessed pretty-boy, the popular jerk, the sadistic gym teacher, the hot and popular blonde, everyone is there!  It’s part spoof, part comedy, part horror, and is just so cheesy that I can’t help but enjoy it.

3.)  Alien Resurrection

Everyone says that this is the worst movie in the “Alien” franchise, but I strongly disagree.  Everyone complained when “Alien3” came out and said they wanted a better ending to the “Alien” franchise, well you got one.  Yes, it’s hammy and has more comedic scenes then it does action and thrills, but I still enjoyed this ending a whole lot better than it’s predecessor.  Not only that but the screenplay was written by Joss “The Sci-Fi Boss” Whedon and it was directed by one of my favorite All-Time Directors Jean-Pierre Jenuet.  So yeah, “Alien Resurrection” is pretty darn enjoyable and I’m glad it was made, and I’m glad it exists.

2.)  Suckerpunch

The first time I saw “Suckerpunch” in theatres, I was beyond confused, and after it came out on DVD and I watched it, I had a better understanding, but I was still pretty darn confused.  Every time I watch “Suckerpunch” I seem to notice 2-3 things I didn’t notice the first few times I watched it.  I like that about the film.  Not to mention I get to see my porcelain skinned goddess, Emily Browning, kick butt and take names throughout the entire film.  I was conflicted on whether or not I could count this film as a guilty pleasure because I know a lot of people who like this film, but I also know a lot of people who don’t like this film, but I decided to include it anyways because I think I know more people who hate it, then enjoy it.

1.)  Great Balls of Fire!

Great Balls of Fire!” is a loose interpretation of the 1950’s Rock N Roll Icon Jerry Lee Lewis.  The film follows his rise to Rock N Roll stardom, to his fall from grace after it was revealed that he had married his 13-year-old second cousin.  This film is bad.  Like really bad.  And yet I’ve seen it three dozen times.  No one in this film gives a competent performance.  Winona Ryder sounds like a pre-pubescent Scarlett O’Hara as Myra Brown.  Alec Baldwin is over-the-top hilarious as the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, and even more over-the-top hilarious is Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis.  What’s most hilarious about Quaid’s performance is that I don’t think he ever spoke to Jerry Lee Lewis before the role, I think he just listened to the song “Great Balls of Fire” once and then decided that he was just going to talk the way he sang the whole film.  This is hands down my ultimate guilty pleasure.  I enjoy this film so much that last year IFC movie channel showed this film 5 times in one day, and I watched it all 5-Times! If you haven’t seen “Great Balls of Fire!” at least once in your life time just to see how bad it is, and then hopefully you’ll appreciate it as much as I do.

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