Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A review of "Dark Touch"

Confessions of a Film Junkie: A review of “Dark Touch”

By: Brian Cotnoir

     I don’t think I’ve bashed any countries Horror films as much I have the Irish.  The biggest problem I have with Irish Horror films is that they are typically long, drawn out, and uneventful.  However, this year, I saw and reviewed the Irish Horror-Comedy “Stitches”, and much to my surprise I enjoyed it.  So I decided to see if Ireland had any other decent Horror films, out there.  After a search of Netflix, I found the film I’m reviewing today “Dark Touch”.                                 
Dark Touch” tells the story of a young girl named Neve.  Neve is young girl around 11-years-old who has been known to run away from her home at night and is typically found by her neighbors screaming in fear.  Her parents claim that she’s suffering from sleepwalking and try their best to cope with such a difficult child.  A few nights later, a fire breaks out Neve’s house and her parents are found dead.  Neve is found hiding in a crawl space clutching her infant brother, but unfortunately for Neve she accidentally smothered her brother to death trying to protect him from the smoke and flames.  After this tragedy Neve’s neighbors are appointed her legal guardian.  Her neighbors do her best to help her through this difficult time, but as time goes on my bizarre and supernatural things begin to happen around Neve.  Some people claim that the girl is suffering mental breakdown, while others suspect there might be something more sinister and paranormal going on.     
I have some mixed feelings about “Dark Touch”.  It was a very slow paced film, and I became impatient at times waiting for something to happen or be explained in the plot.  That’s another problem I had with “Dark Touch”: I felt like it overly relied on atmosphere to explain the plot.  Now, I’ll credit the filmmakers for not spoon-feeding us exposition and leaving certain elements of the film up to audience interpretation, but for the love of your God, there were just something’s I wish they would’ve done a better job explaining.  Maybe it was a problem with the directing or how the story was written, but it seemed like for every question I had about the plot that got answered in the film, there were 10 more questions that went unanswered.                                            
Go on B!tch Cry!  I dare you!  I Double Dare You!
As many of you already know, I don’t like to nitpick child actor’s performances, and I’m not going to do that.  However, I will say that I think Neve’s character was not given any good lines or dialogue to work with it.  Throughout the film it seemed like every other thing coming out of her mouth was a high pitched scream of terror.  This little character quirk got annoying incredibly fast, and at times I found myself shouting “Somebody slap that girl across that face and shut her, the hell up!” (and that request was granted a few times throughout the film).  Again, I don’t think it has anything to do with a poor performance from actress Missy Keating, I just feel she was not given any good dialogue to work with.                             
Now as for the good things about “Dark Touch”, I liked how they showed Neve’s relationship with two of her classmates, who were being violently abused by their mothers.  There isn’t much dialogue spoken in those scenes, but you can just tell from those brief encounters in the film that Neve and the two siblings have established a connection to one another.  I also quite enjoyed the ending to “Dark Touch”: it was dark, it was macabre, it was creepy, and the ending alone made this film worth watching.              
I personally thought “Dark Touch” was an all right film. It certainly wasn’t terrible, but at the same time I can’t think of any demographic of Horror fans that I think would be interested in this film. My advice to you is this: If you ever find that you have an hour and half to kill: then check out “Dark Touch”, and if you’re a person who’s usually too busy or if you’re one of those people who get frustrated trying to figure out a films plot, then you should definitely avoid this one.

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