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Das Film Junkies 5 Favorite Films: Comedy

Confessions of a Film Junkie: Das Film Junkies 5 Favorite Films: Comedy

By: Brian Cotnoir
   Hey All, Das Film Junkie with a Brand New Segment on Confessions of a Film Junkie.  Most of you already know that I am a nitpicker of straight to DVD Horror films.  In fact, most of the reviews are quite negative, but I am here to let you all know that there are films that I actually like.  Some of them I even consider to Very Good.  So every now and then on this blog I will be counting down My 5 Favorite Films of a certain genre.  So I decided to kick this count off with a review of my 5 Favorite Comedy Films.  These are the films that make me burst out laughing and keep me entertained time after time.  Enjoy.

5.) Not Another Teen Movie

I know what you’re already thinking: “Oh God, that’s a Parody Movie, I hate those!  They’re so unoriginal and cliché”.  Normally, I’d agree with you, but not in this case. “Not Another Teen Movie” is a perfect spoof of all Teen films set in the 1980s and 1990’s.  They parody everything from John Hughes classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink” to the raunchier teen films like “Varsity Blues” and “American Pie”.  Every Teen Movie cliché and motif is referenced in this film and hilariously acknowledged; from the geek who gets turned into the prom queen, to the horny freshman who make a pact to lose their virginity, and everything else in between.  Not only that, but it features Chris Evans (the actor who plays Captain America in the Marvels “Captain America” Franchise) in one of his earliest roles, and he does a scene where he tries to seduce a girl in a whip cream bikini.  That is just something that makes me chuckle every time I see him playing Captain America.  I honestly do believe, that this is the Best Parody Film of All-Time.

4.) Tucker & Dale vs. the Evil

Rednecks to the Rescue!
What’s better than Parody Films?  Horror Comedies of course and no Horror Comedy gets better than “Tucker & Dale vs. the Evil”.  It’s the story of two rednecks named Tucker and Dale in West Virginia who have a run in with some college kids from the Big City. The College kids believe that Tucker & Dale are psychotic inbred hillbillies who want to rape and kill them, but in all actuality they’re just a couple of regular nice guys.  Tucker & Dale rescue one of the college kids, a girl named Allison, from drowning, but her friends believe that they kidnapped her, and concoct a plan to attack Tucker and Dale and rescue their friend.  However, every time one of the college kids tries to rescue them, something horrifying and hilarious happen to them.  I love the cabin-in-the-woods-style Horror film, told from the perspective of the Hillbillies instead of the teens. It is a great story, a great idea, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

3.)  ANYTHING Made by Kevin Smith

Man, do I enjoy myself a good Kevin Smith Movie.  Everything he makes is hilarious, “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, “Dogma”, “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”, “Clerks II” are some of my favorite films.  What I think I like the most about Kevin Smith’s films is I can see some of my own life experiences in his works.  I inadvertently lived the movie “Clerks” for a year, and that motivated me to make some big changes to my life.  And ever since I saw “Mallrats”, I continue to wait at my local mall in hopes that Stan Lee will show up one of these days and give me important advice on life.  The man is not only a comedy genius, but an overall genius of film.

2.)  Zombieland

Oh God, this is another enjoyable Horror Comedy.  It’s got laughs, it’s got action, it’s got great acting, and it has Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and Jesse Eisenberg, hunting zombies.  Seriously, what more could you ask for?  Oh, wait Bill Murray dressed up as a zombie is pretty great too.  It’s about the closest thing to a Perfect Comedy, and yet...there’s still one film that I find funnier than this.

I'd want them on  my Zombie Apocalypse Team

1.) Tropic Thunder

I have never laughed so much in my life.  This is the one film guaranteed to make me laugh, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.  It’s the story of a group of actors making a film on location in the jungles of Vietnam when they accidentally get taken hostage by a Heroin Processing Cartel. Ben Stiller is great as the film’s Star & Director and Robert Downey Jr. was absolutely hilarious in this film and earned is Oscar Nomination for Best Support Actor 100%.  Before I saw Downey, Jr. in this film, I remembered him only for being an actor with some serious drug and legal problems, but his role in “Tropic Thunder” not only convinced me that he can act, but that he is probably one of the Best Actors in the past 30 years. What really help sets this film apart for me is this: Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Cruise appear in this film, and I have never found any of them to be particularly funny or good at acting, and not only were they good in their performances, but they all made me laugh hysterically.  Especially, Tom Cruise.  I did not recognize him in his role as Les, until the credits.  Oh Your God, was that funny!  This is a great film.  True the over usage of the R-word was incredibly offensive and not funny in the least bit, but they acknowledged their mistake, and I’m willing to forgive them because “Tropic Thunder” is that funny!

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