Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The 5 Most Unpleasant films I've sat through (so far)

Confessions of a Film Junkie: The 5 Most Unpleasant Films I’ve sat through (so far)

By: Brian Cotnoir

     I’ve been at this blog for over two years now, and in that time I’ve watched a lot of crappy movies.  Even though, most of the films I watch and review for this blog aren’t the least bit scary, I have been fortunate enough to review a few films on this blog that made me feel very frightened and uncomfortable, and this list that I am presenting to you today is paying homage to the 5 Most Unpleasant Films I have sat through (so far).  These are the films that have burned their horrid images into my memory, and have destroyed my innocence and sense of awe and wonder.  If you can make it through these 5 films, then congratulations; you are a Cine-Masochist like myself!

5.) Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that a film adapted form the literary works of author Jack Ketchum is disturbing, but I honestly found this film to be very unpleasant.  Now I saw the film “The Woman” (which was adapted by another one of Ketchum’s books) and I really enjoyed the ending, which was both happy and violent.  The same cannot be said about “The Girl Next Door”. Both films are about women who are held prisoner against their will and tortured by a psychopath who hides their true identities behind the mask of sanity in public.  Ruth Chandler is the Most Despicable and Evil Character that I have ever seen in a film and the only thing that is more unbelievable is that her character and crimes were inspired by a real life person!  Ruth Chandler is based off of a woman named Gertrude Baniszewski who committed many awful crimes against a 16-year-old girl she had taken in.  You just don’t want to believe that someone can be this abusive and their horrible towards a person (let alone a child).  It’s a great film, based on a great novel, and I would actually recommend this film.

4.) Deadgirl

What makes “Deadgirl” such an unpleasant film is that the great moral dilemma is that two high school students find a naked woman chained to a bed in an abandoned hospital and have to decide whether they go and tell the police, or keep the girl a secret and use her as a sex slave.  You’d really hope that these two young men would be smart and compassionate enough to tell the authorities, but no, they ultimately decide to keep her as a sex slave.  That’s really what makes this film so unpleasant; the ultimate theme of the story is rape.  Rape is scary.  Rape is always scary.  Not only that, but after a while one of the boys discovers that the girl cannot die, and he begins to torture her as he rapes her.  Nobody in their right mind would want to watch a film where the main characters torture and rape a woman for a majority of the film.  One of the boys is played by actor Noah Segan, and the other is played by actor Shiloh Fernandez (that guy you all hated from the 2013 “Evil Dead” remake).  Even though Segan’s character is the one who is raping the “Deadgirl”, I still found Shiloh Fernandez character to be more deplorable, because he just stands by idly while one of his best friends commits an unspeakable act of horror.  He’s just a weak an unlikeable character.  

3.) A Serbian Film

I’ve seen this film twice now. I reviewed it and one-year later, wrote a “Retrospect” after watching it for a second time.  Unfortunately, blogger took down that review because it was “too pornographic”.  This film is violent, but you have to wait almost an hour before anything interesting happens.  Then after that it’s pure violence.  Many violent things that occur in the film include: murder, rape, torture, necrophilia, incest, mutilation, and a whole bunch of other awful things.  This film is supposedly a metaphor for how the Serbian Government treats it citizens.  If that is true, then that has got to be the most violent God Awful Metaphor ever!

2.) Someone’s Knocking at the Door

This film boasts that it is “The Most Depraved Film of the 21st Century”...that’s a fairly accurate description.  Like “A Serbian Film” a major theme shown throughout the film is rape and murder.  The reason why I found this film to be more unpleasant that “A Serbian Film” is because in “A Serbian Film” nothing happens until the climax of the film, however in “Someone’s Knocking at the Door” it starts out with violence and only get’s more violent throughout the film.  The opening scene to the film shows a man getting raped to death by a drugged up mental patient.  That’s just one of the many unpleasant things you are treated to throughout the film.  The main character in this film is a boy named Justin (who is played by Actor Noah Segan—the same guy from “Deadgirl”).  The police suspect he is responsible for the crimes, but he denies it, and tries to convince the police he’s innocent.  Personally, I liked the ending to this film, but I’ve heard also heard others gripe and moan about it, and say that it’s stupid.  As shocking as this may sound, I would actually recommend this film (That is if you think you can handle it, of course).

1.) Cannibal Holocaust took my innocence!!!
Looking back at my life before seeing this film, my life seemed so much more innocent and better.  Back then, I thought I was so tough, and thought I could take on the world.  What a naïve fool I was.  It all started back when I was a sophomore in college, and I had just successfully completed watching “A Clockwork Orange”.  I couldn’t believe so many people told me they were afraid of that film, and that it was so controversial.  I was totally un-phased while watching the film, and decided to look for a challenge.  I searched the internet for films that were both controversial and disturbing, and the one film that appeared on many of those lists was “Cannibal Holocaust”.  Much to my delight—at the time—I came across a copy of the film for sale at a local comic book shop.  I went home and put the DVD in my laptop, and slowly watched my innocence and sanity get destroyed.  I saw scenes of torture and murder.  I saw scenes where the director instructed his cast to murder live animals.  Those scenes were so horrendous that I actually fell to my hands and knees and started to dry-heave.  The Special Effects in this film were so well done, that that when the film was initially released the director, Rugerro Deodato, was put on trial for murder in Italy, because many Italian courts believed that his Horror film was actually a “Snuff Film”.  Deodato had to have the cast parade around the court room to prove that they were still alive, not only that but he had to demonstrate how his special effects worked.  This film was banned in a record 53 countries, including the United States (the ban was lifted in 1985).  This is the Most Unpleasant film that I’ve have sat through so far, and I don’t think there’s any film out there (yet) that can ever take this films place.


  1. Great list. I wholeheartedly agree with you on a Serbian Film and Cannibal Holocaust. I never saw any of the other films although just from reading I can tell they would be a man's true test of endurance and sanity.

  2. No Caligula? That thing sounded all kinds of God awful. And thanks for the warning, I solemnly swear to never under any circumstances watch these films.

    1. Caligula was God Awful, but it wasn't unpleasant. I felt more ashamed for making it through that in just one sitting, rather than disturbed :p